Using aftermarket speakers with SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kits

Using aftermarket speakers in your SPIKE 2 System game will work fine with the Speaker Light Kits. However, if they are aftermarket speakers that have spacer rings attached to the front of them, it will add some work to the process of installing them.


There is limited space behind the right speaker in SPIKE and SPIKE 2 System games because of the power transformer box. Due to this limited space, some aftermarket speakers that have attached spacer rings will not fit with the Speaker Light Kit frames. The only way to remedy this situation on these speakers is to carefully remove or cut down the spacer ring that is attached to the front of the speaker.

If a Speaker Light Kit is being used in a game, the spacer ring is not needed, as the Speaker Light Kit light frame will then be used as the spacer that the speaker needs for its extended tweeter.

If SPIKE aftermarket speakers are bought directly from the Flipper Fidelity website, they have an option to buy them without the spacer rings by selecting "I have Speaker Lights" when ordering.

Keep in mind this space limitation and need to remove the spacer ring only effects Stern SPIKE and SPIKE 2 System games. Earlier Stern SAM (and Whitstar) System games have room to accommodate both the light kit frames and the aftermarket speakers with the attached spacer rings.

For tips on removing the spacer rings please see the "Aftermarket speakers in SPIKE System games" .pdf in the MANUALS SECTION.

Also note: Doing the spacer ring removal is done at your own risk. Neither I, nor the speaker manufacturer are responsible for any damage that may be caused by attempting to do so.

           bars removed

Along with making sure your speakers do not have the attached spacer rings on the front of them, you may also have to make sure the speaker holes in the speaker plates are open. The speaker holes on the plates will need to be open for any replacement speakers you are using that have tweeters that extend beyond the speaker's mounting points. In that case, the bars that cover the speaker holes in the factory speaker plates will need to be cut out, so the extended tweeters can go through the speaker plate's holes. Or...


You may also choose to buy a set of Replacement SPIKE 2 Speaker Plates for SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kit use from my Accessories page. These Replacement SPIKE 2 Speaker Plates will already have the bars removed from the speaker holes. The speakers will then be mounted to the replacement plates and the original factory speaker plates won't need to be modified or used at all.

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