Speaker Light Kit Type 12



For IMPORTANT information about using aftermarket speakers with these light kits, click HERE.

The power connections for these light kits are different depending on if they are used in North America or International games. If you are placing an order and need a power cable for a region you are not having your light kit shipped to, please contact me at my support e-mail and let me know before placing your order.

Be sure to check out the Acrylic Designs section and the Accessories page. There, you may find other items you are interested in as well as more details on the items listed below.






Bluetooth / App

RGB Controller

with Fire and  Sound

Activated Modes

Optional Component - Make it the 

Destruction / Flaming Deluxe 

light kit that others are selling,

 for a fraction of their price.

Sound activation and more.







Deluxe Sound Activated

RGB Controller

Optional Component - This Deluxe Sound

Activated RGB controller is ready for use 

with Type 12 Speaker Light Kits.







Plastic Canvas set for SPIKE 2

Speaker Light Kit use

Optional Component - These do a great

job of spreading the light behind the

factory speaker foam.






Bill Validator Power Splitter

Optional Component - This may be

needed for North America games if you

have a Bill Acceptor installed in your

game or if you are using the

Bill Validator power connection

for another mod.








Replacement 4" Speaker Plate

set for SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kit use

Optional Component - These SPIKE 2

Speaker Plates are meant to

replace the factory speaker plates.

They allow for easier installation of

4" aftermarket speakers

with SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kits.








SPIKE 2 Speaker Foam

Optional Component - 2 Pieces of

SPIKE 2 speaker foam.

Part # SLK-626-5109-00







Placard Backers

Optional Component - Various Colors

Details can be found



Light Kit suitable for the following Stern SPIKE 2 games:

Avengers: Infinity Quest
Batman 66 (LE & Premium)
The Beatles
Black Knight: Sword of Rage
Deadpool (LE) Additional install details HERE
Deadpool (Premium & Pro)
Elvira's House of Horrors
Foo Fighters
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Maiden (LE) Additional install details HERE
Iron Maiden (Premium & Pro)
James Bond 007 (excluding 60th edition)
John Wick
Jurassic Park
Led Zeppelin
The Mandalorian
The Munsters
Star Wars
Stranger Things
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles