Mounting SPIKE 2 Lower Panel Designs

These Lower Panel Designs are intended to be mounted on the back side of the speaker panel. They will go on the mounting studs that are on the lower part of the panel where the backbox hinges are mounted.

 If the Lower Panel Designs are used, you will have to remove the clear plastic spacer slats that are originally installed where the designs will be going. This will make it so the design is taking the place of the spacers and therefore not adding to the thickness of the mount.


You will keep the top clear spacer slats in place, as nothing is replacing them on the top mounting studs.

If speaker foam is being used, the Lower Panel Designs can be either mounted in FRONT of the speaker foam or BEHIND it.

If the Lower Panel Designs are being used with a Flamin' Frames light kit, I personally prefer the designs being mounted BEHIND the speaker foam. The reason I prefer that look is it gives the designs a less detailed and more destroyed / burnt look. This fits the theme of the burning flames quite well. These designs are also duel color, but were made with the black facing out in mind, as they are mainly intended just to be light blocking designs to provide a silhouette for the light kit.

Below is a picture showing the visual differences when mounting the designs in front of the foam vs behind the foam.

So, in front of the foam, behind the foam, with the foam, without the foam, black facing out, black facing in, right side, left side.....it really doesn't matter and it is really up to the user. Having said that, I'm sure if a person works hard they could make the mounting of these look bad, but that is up to them.

One last note that was pointed out to me by a friend that was using these with the Flamin' Frames light kit. Using these Lower Panel Designs does cut down on the flame effect that you get from the kit. I would suspect that is because the entire lower light strip (where the "flames" originate from) is covered. I don't think that is a big deal or incredibly noticeable but, it is there. What I can see as being a bummer is if you would use the Lower Panel Designs without using the speaker foam......as that also cuts down on the flame effect to a degree. So adding those two things together can significantly take away from the flaming light show effect in my opinion.

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